Terminator Genisys is just four short months away from blowing holes in theaters all across the country. In the following weeks, we're sure to see more from this quasi-sequel/reboot as the marketing campaign really begins to heat up. In fact, we should get another trailer any day now. But as we await new footage, Empire Magazine has revealed the cover of their latest issue, which includes Terminator Genisys star Arnold Schwarzenegger as an aging T-800 and Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor.

The story of Terminator Genisys brings a twist to the whole franchise, pretty much wiping the events of the original 1984 Terminator from any existing timeline. Here, Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800 cyborg has been sent back to Sarah Connor's earliest years as a child, where he saves her from being murdered and grows along with her as a foster parent known as Pops. We have five new photos from Terminator Genisys, one of which gives us our first look at the young Sarah as she is carried to safety by a T-800 who has yet been ravaged by decades of wear and tear.

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The other four photos also give us a better look at Arnold Schwarzenegger's aged and greying Terminator as he appears in 1984. Emilia Clarke is seen brandishing her weapon as the older Sarah, and we get our first look at J.K. Simmons as Detective O'Brien. We don't yet know quite how he fits into the story, but he is seen here staring in disbelief at the T-800. We can't quite tell if this is Pops, or another version of the cyborg. Best of all, these latest images also show off a T-800 endoskeleton driving a truck, which is pretty cool. Take a look, and then prepare for total annihilation this summer:

Terminator Genisys Photo 1
Terminator Genisys Photo 4
Terminator Genisys Photo 5
Terminator Genisys Photo 2
Terminator Genisys Photo 3
Terminator Genisys Photo 6
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