One of the biggest movies vying for your box office dollar this summer is Terminator Genisys, which is starting to get more positive buzz swirling around it following the first trailer released in December and the Super Bowl trailer that debuted just a few days before the big game. Of course, there are still plenty of fans who are on the fence about director Alan Taylor's sequel/reboot, but perhaps two new reviews of the screenplay from The Arnold Fans could sway the doubters. Both of these script reviews from fans named Greg and Jay provide more information in terms of what was previously seen in the trailer and revealed in the extensive Entertainment Weekly piece from October that offered plenty of plot details.

The first reviewer, Greg, describes Terminator Genisys as, "three action packed movies in one," where fans will finally get to see the Future Wars, which were previously teased in the original Terminator. According to Greg, the Future Wars segment of the script is 18 pages long, meaning it will likely be a 20-minute scene in the movie, with "10-15 minutes of action and then the set up with Reese (Jai Courtney) going back to 1984." Greg estimates that 20 minutes will be set in Future Wars, with 40 minutes in 1984 and an hour in an undisclosed time period, making it roughly a two-hour movie. The script that he read, from Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier, was reportedly 130 pages long.

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As you likely know by now, when Reese goes back to 1984, it isn't exactly the same 1984 he was expecting. 10 years prior, Arnold Schwarzenegger's "aging Terminator" rescued Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) when she was a child and raised her. This "reset" the timeline, which resulted in the aging Terminator vs. 1984 Terminator battle we saw in the trailer. Here's what Greg had to say about Skynet and a new threat that emerges.

"Of course you know Skynet isn't going to go out without a fight. This is when a new and very powerful threat appears. As action packed and exciting as the first two portions of the movie are, the third portion of the movie has even more non-stop big explosive action with tons of destruction and surprises."

The second reviewer, Jay, admits right away that he had never read a screenplay before, but he "couldn't pass up the chance" to read the Terminator Genisys script. Jay was "pleasantly surprised" by the script, after hearing so many negative reactions to the movie, revealing that this "feels" like a Terminator movie, unlike the last two installments, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator Salvation.

"People new to the franchise and fans alike should also be happy as I think this actually feels like a Terminator movie, unlike Rise of the Machines and Salvation. The atmosphere feels gritty and exciting, especially in the future war scenes. I can't give spoilers but sfx is going to pushed to the limit for war scenes at the start, I really hope they can do it justice onscreen. This also plays out like no other Terminator film yet in the fact it's not set in one time period from start to finish with a single villain to deal with! No the threat is greater here with two well known model terminators and a couple of other types spread throughout the movie - which has 3 major time zones. Safe to say the movie will look unique all the way through, keeping it fresh and exciting."

Greg concluded by saying that anyone who enjoyed the first two Terminator movies, "will find enjoyment in Genisys." What do you think of these script reviews? Are you more excited for Terminator Genisys now? Chime in with your thoughts below.