10 months before Terminator Genisys opened in theaters over the 4th of July holiday, Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions announced plans for two Terminator sequels, set for release in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Back in 2013, Skydance, which paid over $20 million for the franchise rights back in 2011, announced plans for a TV series, hiring Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller to write the script. Now that Terminator Genisys has finally hit theaters, and the movie is underperforming, plans for these sequels and the spinoff TV show are in limbo, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Terminator Genisys has only taken in $82.1 million domestically since its July 1 release, but it has fared much better overseas, taking in $196.8 million for a worldwide tally of $278.9 million, from a $155 million budget. While the results certainly don't classify Terminator Genisys as a box office bomb, the studio was surely hoping for higher figures. The movie still hasn't opened in China yet, but if it fails to hit big in that market, one of the biggest in the world, analysts believe Terminator Genisys could end its theatrical run somewhere between $375 million and $400 million. One source at Paramount revealed that plans for the sequels and TV series are not set in stone, and will be contingent on the final box office figures.

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"We will definitely need to see the holds globally to confirm that people like the film."

Terminator Genisys has suffered from harsh movie reviews, currently holding a 26% "Rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but still there may be hope for these planned sequels, even though the fans may not want them. Just over 70 percent of Terminator Genisys' worldwide haul is from international territories, which is becoming increasingly important as studios decide which movies should get sequels or not. For example, Pacific Rim only made $101 million domestically in 2013, but its international tally of $309.2 million ensured the green light for Pacific Rim 2, hitting theaters in August 2017.

It isn't known if director Alan Taylor or screenwriters Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier will return to make the potential Terminator Genisys sequels. Arnold Schwarzenegger has already said he will be back, most likely alongside Jai Courtney (Kyle Reese), Emilia Clarke (Sarah Connor) and Jason Clarke (John Connor). Still, with the first sequel two years away, and no filmmakers attached, the studio may need to make a decision fairly quick, or abandoned their previously-set release dates to develop the sequels with new filmmakers.

Do you think Paramount should move forward with sequels to Terminator Genisys? Given the chilly reception at the box office and by fans and critics alike, the franchise certainly faces an uphill battle to reclaim its former glory. Even an endorsement from the franchise creator James Cameron didn't seem to make any difference at the box office for Terminator Genisys. Perhaps its time the studio cuts its losses and moves on, but we'll have to wait and see if that's what the studio does.