He said he'd be back, and he wasn't lying. This summer, director James Cameron's seminal sci-fi hit The Terminator will return to theaters across the globe. 31 years after it originally debuted to much acclaim, the franchise starter is making its big comeback just in time for the fifth installment Terminator Genisys, in theaters this July.

Park Circus is planning this epic re-release, and debuted a brand-new trailer featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger in his breakout role as the unstoppable T-800 cybernetic killing machine that is sent to 1984 to wipe out Sarah Connor and stop the future resistance. The events seen in The Terminator will be revisited and changed forever, as the timeline gets hijacked in Terminator Genisys, presenting a new threat to Sarah and her future bloodline. Will a new savior be born out of the wreckage?

James Cameron's The Terminator first hit theater screens in October of 1984, where it took the #1 spot at the box office for two weeks in a row. It went onto become a phenomenon and has spawned numerous sequels and a TV show. The Terminator will reopen in UK theaters on June 23, and will then expand to more than 1,000 theaters across 20 territories. No word yet on whether it will open on that same day in the states, or closer to Terminator Genisys' July 1 release. Until we find out, revisit the classic with this just released sneak peek:

Terminator Re-Release Poster
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange