While this summer blockbuster didn't terminate the record books, it did post a solid showing in its first day of release. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Terminator Salvation brought in $13.3 million during its opening day on Thursday. The total was said to include the estimated $3 million from Wednesday night midnight screenings.

The Christian Bale/Sam Worthington film is said to be tracking at $70 million for the full five-day holiday frame, although it does have some competition this weekend as well. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, which opens today, was tracking at $50 million for the holiday weekend and the spoof comedy Dance Flick was said to open somewhere in the teen millions.

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Two recent summer hits also fared well on Thursday, with Star Trek's $3 million gross taking second place for the day, pushing the J.J. Abrams film to $161 million total and Angels & Demons came in third with $2.6 million, taking its total gross just past $160 million.