Takashi Miike, who has risen to cult dominance as one of Japan's most innovative and risk-taking directors, is set to helm a live action version of the popular sci-fi manga Terra Formars. The news was revealed in anticipation of the Japanese-based magazine Young Jump and it's upcoming 11th issue, which will provide even more information on this epic undertaking very soon.

Kenichi Tachibana and Yū Sasuga launched the original Terra Formars manga in 2011, and it has become a hit worldwide, with many rabid fans here in the states. The 12th volume is set for release in two weeks, on February 19. As of now, the title has over 10 million copies in circulation. Viz Media releases the manga in the states. They have this synopsis:

In the late 26th century, overpopulation on Earth is reaching the breaking point, and humanity must find new frontiers. The terraforming of Mars has taken centuries, but is now complete. The colonization of Mars by humanity is an epoch-making event, but an unintended side effect of the terraforming process unleashes a horror no one could ever have imagined. After humanity's first manned mission to the Red Planet was lost, a second expedition arrives. The explorers prepare to exterminate the cockroaches that were used to transform the Martian environment. They are shocked to discover that the insects have mutated into giant, aggressive humanoids with one overriding goal: exterminate the humans! But this crew of explorers has each undergone the "Bugs Procedure, " terrifying experimental surgery designed to make them more than human.

It isn't known when production will begin on Terra Formars. With Takashi Miike at the helm, a U.S. theatrical release seems likely. We'll be sure to keep you updated as more information comes in.