Hustle & Flow duo Terrence Howard and director Craig Brewer are teaming at Paramount Pictures on a biopic of singer Charley Pride, according to Variety.

As Joaquin Phoenix did in Walk the Line, Howard will sing the country icon's songs and play guitar in the drama.

Born to sharecroppers in Mississippi, Pride dreamed of playing professional baseball. He played in the Negro Leagues before joining the Army. After being discharged, he moved to Montana where he worked in construction and continued to play minor league ball. After moving to Nashville, he became a country sensation; between 1966 and 1984, 51 of his 54 singles cracked the country top 10. Although his achievements occurred during the civil rights movement, black America did not celebrate him and Pride struggled with the knowledge that many of his fans were white and racist.

The movie will showcase Pride's relationship with Rozene, whom he met when he was playing for the Memphis Red Sox. While Pride racked up 36 No. 1 hits, Rozene's financial acumen and real estate investments made them fantastically wealthy.