Che: According to The Hollywood Reporter Terrence Malick may coming out of hiding to direct Benicio Del Toro as Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara:

Reclusive filmmaker Terrence Malick may be starting to pick up the pace. Although 20 years passed between his 1978 film "Days of Heaven" and 1998's "The Thin Red Line," he's already contemplating another stint in the director's chair. The helmer is attached to direct Benicio Del Toro in "Che," an epic about the life and death of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara that Laura Bickford is producing. Steven Soderbergh was originally considering helming the project but now is likely to be involved in a producing capacity. "Che" is not yet set up at a studio, but if Soderbergh continues his involvement, one likely possibility is that Warner Bros. Pictures might step in. The studio houses Section Eight, the production company headed by Soderbergh and partner George Clooney. At this point, however, neither Warners nor Section Eight is part of the picture.