District 9 screenwriter Terri Tatchell will be adapting The Trylle Trilogy of novels, written by Amanda Hocking. The trilogy is comprised of the books Switched, Torn and Ascend. Here's the announcement the author made on her blog earlier today.

The Trylle Trilogy has been optioned for a film. Terri Tatchell - Oscar nominated screenplay writer and Bradbury Award winner for District 9 - is going to adapt the screenplay for the trilogy.

Now, before you get too excited, I'm going to clarify - she's only optioned to write the screenplay. This is no guarantee that this will be a movie. Things fall apart all the time for various reasons. And I have no idea how long it would be before a movie would be released, if it were to even come to frution.

With all that said - I am still very, very excited. Terri Tatchell is tremendous. Regardless of how this all turns out, it really is an honor that she wants to do this, and it's still pretty neat that this happened, even if Switched never becomes a film.

Will Switched ever be a movie? I honestly don't know. What I do know is that I'm very excited, and at this point, I'm cautiously optimistic. Also, Terri Tatchell thinks Michael Wincott is awesome. And she's Canadian. And District 9 was a really rad movie.

The series centers on Wendy Everly, a young girl who starts to discover that the isn't exactly human and, with the help of a young man named Finn Holmes, enters the mysterious world of Trylle.

It doesn't seem that the project is set up at a studio quite yet. For more information on The Trylle Trilogy, you can CLICK HERE to visit author Amanda Hocking's official website, which includes trailers and excerpts from all three books.