Bird-watching isn't normally the most dangerous of activities, but when the birds in question are massive and carnivorous, things could get messy. That's exactly what happens in our exclusive clip from Mar Vista Entertainment's Terror Birds, arriving on VOD formats March 8. This scene shows that these ten-foot birds are not to be trifled with, as a group of college students try to escape with their lives.

While funding an archaeological site in the Caribbean, Harvey Sullivan (Greg Evigan) learns of a legend about monstrous birds living on two remote, uninhabited islands. Making the journey to investigate, he discovers a ten-foot bird on each island, birds that belong to the species titanis-large, flightless, carnivorous birds long thought to be extinct by nearly two million years and called Terror Birds. Capturing the birds, Harvey brings them to East Texas to a ranch that contains an aviary.

He hires paleontologist, Denise Slater (Leslie Easterbrook), to research the birds. Meanwhile, college student Maddy (Jessica Keller), has asked her friends to join her on a search to locate her missing father who failed to return after a birdwatching expedition. Tracing his steps to the aviary, the group finds themselves on the run from the two Terror Birds who escape and have discovered a taste for human flesh. As she enlists the help of her college pals to trek into the wilderness to find him, rampaging, six-foot-tall prehistoric "terror birds" with man-eating tendencies are the last thing anyone expects to find.

The supporting cast includes Lindsey Sporrer, Dillon Cavitt, Evan Miller, Sarah Joy Byington, Heath Allyn, Mark Hanson and Craig Nigh. Sean Cain(Jurassic City) directs from a script by Jake Helgren (Varsity Blood), who also produces. Director Sean Cain also served as the editor.

It isn't every day you get to see enormous birds stalking human prey, so take a look at our exclusive clip from this horror movie below. It isn't known how long after the VOD that this thriller will be released on Blu-ray and DVD, so stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, take a look at our exclusive clip from Terror Birds below, along with the full trailer below.

<strong><em>Terror Birds</em></strong> Poster