The role of Hale Caesar in Sylvester Stallone's upcoming action extravaganza The Expendables has gone through many casting changes. The role was originally supposed to go to Forest Whitaker, but he dropped out of the project. Then it was reportedly being taken over by rapper-turned actor Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. Now, according to Aint It Cool News, it seems that former San Diego Charger Terry Crews will be taking over the character.

The news came from Sylvester Stallone himself. There was no stated reason for 50 Cent's sudden departure from the film, but Stallone seemed quite enthusiastic about Crews' participation. In recent years, Crews has starred in Balls of Fury and Get Smart, with a reoccurring role as Chris Rock's dad on Everybody Hates Chris.

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The Expendables heads into production soon.