Alleged sexual abuser Adam Venit has returned to work after a 1-month suspension, and Terry Crews is raging on Twitter. Venit was placed on a 1-month unpaid suspension from William Morris Endeavor agency after Crews claimed that the high-powered Hollywood agent grabbed his genitals during an event in February of 2016. A few weeks ago, Terry Crews took to Twitter to share an email that hip hop mogul Russell Simmons sent him regarding the incident and asking Crews to step down and give Adam Venit a "pass." While Crews did not offer the "pass," Venit went ahead and received it anyway.

Terry Crews is enraged that the veteran agent, who represents actors including Adam Sandler, Steve Martin, Emma Stone, and Sylvester Stallone, has been able to escape relatively unscathed. "Someone got a pass," Crews tweeted in all capital letters after news that Adam Venit was back at work began to spread. Venit was also demoted from his position as head of the motion picture department after the sexual misconduct allegations emerged in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, but is now back at work, getting paid, even after getting demoted. 

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The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star also pointed to the hypocrisy of William Morris Endeavour co-CEO Ari Emanuel, who had refused to work with Mel Gibson after the troubled actor's anti-Semitic rants were revealed by police and his ex-wife. Terry Crews tweeted Emanuel's op-ed in Huffington Post, which urged the entertainment industry to blacklist Gibson, even if it impacted on the bottom line, which ended with, "there are times in history when standing up against bigotry and racism are more important than money." Crews went in and substituted Adam Venit's name in place of Mel Gibson's and replaced anti-Semitic with sexual assault in the article. Crews then presented the doctored letter to Emanuel. He explains.

"I exchanged Adam Venit for Mel, and sexual assault for anti-Semitic. He said 'it's different' and handed the letter back to me."

Terry Crews came forward with his story after seeing all of the women come forward about Harvey Weinstein and said that their actions gave him "PTSD" about his own experience. Crews alleges that Adam Venit grabbed his genitals at a party in February of 2016 in front of Crews' wife. The actor admits that he was stunned and that he wanted to pound Venit into the ground and then he thought better of that, thinking of how the news would take it as well as picturing himself getting arrested. Crews took to Twitter to share his story and even filed a police report with the LAPD. While Terry Crews was on Good Morning America, he said, "People need to be held accountable. This is an abuse of power," when asked why he'd decided to come forward and name Venit. Crews added, "He's one of the most powerful men in Hollywood."

It's clear that Terry Crews is not going to take this situation lightly, nor will he go quietly. It's unfortunate that people at the William Morris Endeavour agency see Crews' situation as different than that of blatant racism, but that seems to be the way that they are going to play it. This is a developing story and it is unclear if any of the talent that Adam Venit represents will stay on board with him. Expect more news to drop soon, but in the meantime, you can see the response, courtesy of Terry Crews' Twitter account below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick