Had enough already with the PG-13 rating that has been slapped on The Expendables 2? Nope! It looks like fans aren't willing to let this one go. And can you blame them? This was supposed to be a film for adults made by the toughest action crew around. But the sequel is going to cater to a younger fan base, and more than a few folks are calling fowl. This outcry has obviously been heard by the actors in the film. And so far, those who've spoke out on the matter are defending this decision to drop the R rating.

Terry Crews was the latest to speak out on The Expendables 2's PG-13 rating, calling it necessary. We have his quote for you, followed by yet another angry fan's creativeness with an The Expendables 2 PG-13 trailer remix. Stick around for the second half, where Chuck Norris proves he's softened quite a bit in his old age.

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This is what Terry Crews had to say, basically blaming Eat, Pray, Love for the new rating.

"It's PG-13. Do you really think only men 40 and over saw the first one? The kids bought tickets to Eat, Pray, Love and walked right into The Expendables. In fact, they were YOUR kids. I get it. I really do. But boobs and blood do not a good movie make. You don't want to go. Don't go. I respect it. But you will miss the greatest thing you've ever seen."

Okay. So we should never have another R rated movie. Gotcha. At least we have this fan-made trailer to remember all the good times.