The long-running Leatherface horror franchise got an update last year with Millennium Films' Texas Chainsaw 3D, which starred Alexandra Daddario as the daughter of Loretta Sawyer, and the cousin of Leatherface (Dan Yeager) himself. Back in January 2013, we reported that a sequel isn't in development, though Bloody-Disgusting claims that a prequel is moving forward instead, which may explore Leatherface's teenage years.

The production company is currently in talks with an unidentified screenwriter for this project, which will actually be a sequel to Tobe Hooper's 1974 original classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and a prequel to last year's Texas Chainsaw 3D, which means that Dan Yeager and the rest of the Texas Chainsaw 3D cast will not be featured. That would also mean that Leatherface is also a teenager in the original? Which doesn't make sense, since he is clerly a forty-year-old man. Maybe this new prequel will provide flashbacks?

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The site reported last month that the Texas Chainsaw 3D sequel was dead, although a Millennium representative debunked the story, by issuing the following statement.

"While the film's development is taking a bit longer than usual, it is still an active project on Millennium Films' slate."

Are you excited to see a teenage Leatherface in action? Of course, this hasn't been confirmed by Millennium at this time, so stay tuned for more updates. Texas Chainsaw 3D, which also starred Trey Songz, Scott Eastwood, Tania Raymonde and Shaun Sipos, took in just $47.2 million worldwide during its theatrical run last year.