Millennium Films is moving forward with its planned Texas Chainsaw prequel, now simply titled Leatherface, hiring writer Seth M. Sherwood to pen the screenplay.

/texas-chainsaw-massacre-prequel-to-follow-leatherfaces-teen-years/Last Month, it was rumored that this proposed prequel will focus on the iconic killer's teenage years. The Wrap is confirming that to be true, though no further details have been released as Millennium Films keeps the plot under wraps. It's believed that Leatherface will be an origin story, which shows how the chainsaw wielding mad man came of age in the 1970s.

Alexandra Daddario, who starred as Leatherface's long-lost cousin in Texas Chainsaw 3D, was originally set to return for a true sequel to that 2013 movie, which claimed to be the 'real' continuation of the very first The Texas Chainsaw Massacre released in 1974. Because of this new iteration's timeline, it is not known if she is still going to appear, though its unlikely that she will reprise her role as Heather Miller (aka Heather Sawyer) if she does. It is possible that she could appear in a different role, playing another member of Leatherface's extended family.

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Carl Mazzocone (Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd; Jaws 3D) will produce, with scream queen Christa Campbell (Spiders; 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams) and Lati Grobman executive producing. The two women fought hard to resurrect the franchise, and are well respected by the horror community. It is unclear if Christa Campbell will be taking on a role in the film, but that doesn't sound unreasonable.

Leatherface is expected to begin shooting this winter, with a director expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

Writer Seth M. Sherwood has several other projects lined up, including a paranormal thriller at Blumhouse. He's also behind the psychological thriller Interstate 5, which was voted to the 2012 Blood List, which recognizes outstanding screenplays in the horror genre. It is described as a cross between Jacob's Ladder and Natural Born Killers. It follows a serial killer's son and the daughter of one of his victims as they search for the maniac, only to be haunted by demonic forces intent on driving them mad.

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