A Texas couple got a bit too frisky while watching a midnight movie recently, as they were reportedly caught having sex in a theater on the west side of San Antonio. A little bit of making out in the back of a dark movie theater never hurt anyone (as far as we know), but doing the deed is taking things a bit too far. The management at the theater thought so as well, so the police were called and the couple was arrested.

The couple in question is Melissa Feist-McCuistion, 39, and Adam Emmet Lee, 40. They both face a charge of public lewdness for their seemingly ill-advised decision to have sex in a movie theater. They were booked and taken to the Bexar County Jail following the incident. They were both given $1,600 bonds and were bonded out shortly after. Here's what Lee had to say about the incident.

"Yah man, I should have known better... was stupid on my part... we were just having a little fun!"

A little too much fun, apparently. According to the report, the couple was busted by an assistant manager who walked into the theater to discover what they were up to. He was "shocked to see" what was going on, which is said to have taken place around midnight. After they were busted, the couple was quite surprised and "stood there for a long time" before putting their clothes back on. Awkward. When police arrived, they asked the manager if he had seen their genitals, to which the manager replied, "no." The couple planned ahead by bringing a blanket.

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"We could see that their clothing was off and they were trying really hard to cover themselves with a small blanket that they had!"

Couples going on a date to the movies is about as classic as it gets. And it's not that unrealistic to imagine that some people fool around a bit in a theater, especially at a midnight movie. And if nobody's around to see what's going on, it's kind of understandable that a couple might think they can get away with taking things a bit further than making out. But, even though this report leaves a lot of questions pretty open-ended, it sounds like they were pretty brave about it.

It isn't at all clear if there were any other patrons in the theater. It also isn't clear where the couple was seated in the theater. One would think they were in the back row, but we can't be certain. The report from My San Antonio also doesn't make note of what movie it was that Melissa Feist-McCuistion and Adam Emmet Lee were watching, but they did admit to having sex once police had them detained outside of the theater. Maybe Kenneth Branagh's mustache in Murder on the Orient Express was just a bit too much for them to handle?

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