The ongoing spread and outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus has caused untold havoc and disruption across all facets of modern life. The world of Hollywood is currently in some disarray, with many high-profile movies such as No Time to Die, Fast 9, Mulan, and A Quiet Place Part II all having been pushed back. An unexpected movie-related thing that has now occurred is the trending of the sci-fi franchise Planet of the Apes.

This is thanks to a video going viral on social media showing a gang of monkeys fighting on the streets of Thailand. The gang had come to blows over a single banana, as the tourists that would usually be feeding them are no longer present due to concerns over coronavirus.

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The video of the monkeys, who, full disclosure, are not apes, shows them running amok through the streets in their droves with no people in sight. At the sight of the footage, it is nearly impossible not to be reminded of the Planet of the Apes franchise.

"This is exactly how Planet of the Apes started"

Some fans have scoured the footage for Andy Serkis' ape-leader Ceasar, with many assuming that this is the sign of the impending apocalypse to come. One of the other hints at the doom that will surely befall us all is the fact that monkeys have been fighting over sustenance whilst us humans fight over toilet paper.

"Which one is Caesar? This is how Planet of the Apes start, people. Also, monkeys fight for food. Humans fight for toilet paper. We're doomed."

Still, it is good to see that despite the ongoing, turbulent times we are currently living in that people can keep their sense of humor when it comes to footage of monkeys running amok.

"Who had "Monkeys use global pandemic to rise up and create Planet of the Apes" in their Apocalypse Pool?"

Others have taken to calling out the year 2020 as needing to calm down and perhaps consider giving us one chaotic event to deal with at a time. We already have the virus wreaking havoc, the last thing we need is a gang of monkeys carrying out some kind of coup. It is also worth noting that in the most recent Planet of the Apes movies, the apes gain their advanced brainpower as a result of a drug which ends up causing the devastating "Simian Flu," a viral pandemic that spreads around the world and results in the death of most of humanity. Uh oh.

"Can we just have one apocalyptic event at a time? We don't need Planet of the Apes right now. 2020 needs to chill."

During a time where movies such as No Time to Die and Fast 9 are losing out, with executives no doubt concerned about the money they will be hemorrhaging on marketing, coronavirus has given the Planet of the Apes movies a free advertising opportunity.

"Didn't know the planet of the apes reboot was out so soon"

One fan was ultimately disappointed by the trending news, believing it to be about an upcoming musical based on the science fiction series. Namely, the broadway show that appears in animated comedy The Simpsons.

"I see Planet of the Apes and Broadway is trending and was disappointed this wasn't going to be a thing."


Stay safe out there. This comes to us from Daily Mail Online.