The Bleachers front man Jack Antonoff meets his new "manager" Jason Mantzoukas, in our exclusive clip from Thank You and Sorry, debuting exclusively ||for free on Google Play. The web series mixes in footage from Jack Antonoff's global tour, along with scripted moments like our exclusive clip, where one of his celebrity "managers," Jason Mantzoukas, tries to get him to overcome his fears by putting him in a Lamborghini. This scene finds both Jack Antonoff and Jason Mantzoukas arguing the merits of being brought back to life, with plenty of R-rated language.

Life on the road is tough for a neurotic germaphobe who just turned 31. Thank You and Sorry is an original six-part, docu-style series that follows Grammy Award-winning indie rocker Jack Antonoff during Bleachers' world tour as he ponders relationships, life's big questions and encounters a strange cast of unusual and witty characters along the way. Shot entirely in black and white, Thank You and Sorry combines real footage from the recent Bleachers tour alongside entertaining twisted scripted moments. Joining Jack on his journey through life on the road are his fellow bandmates and a series of crazed managers who can't quite get it right from Olivia Wilde as a fellow OCD germaphobe to Colin Quinn who insists that sending a bushel of apples is the ultimate "class act".

Other celebrity cameos in the series include Rosie Perez, among other surprise guests. Take a look at our exclusive clip, where Jason Mantzoukas claims he has the ability to bring someone back from the dead, but be warned there is R-rated language so watch at your own risk. The full six-episode web series Thank You and Sorry is available right now at Google Play, so tune in and let us know what you think.