Loot Crate has kind of managed to revolutionize the way that geeks get their collectibles. Not only do you not have to leave the house, as they deliver a box of geek-centric stuff to your door every month, but they are loaded with exclusives that you can't get anywhere else. One of those exclusives from not all that long ago was an oven mitt that was shaped like Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet. Unfortunately, this Marvel item is being recalled due to a burn hazard.

Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission posted a recall for the product, which was included as part of the Loot Crate power-themed box. The problem is that once people started using the oven mitts to take hot things out of the oven, they didn't exactly do their job. It turns out the mitts weren't all that powerful, and they lacked proper thermal protection, which resulted in injuries to consumers. Here is what the CPSC had to say.

"The oven mitts lack thermal protection, posing a burn hazard to consumers. The firm has received 241 reports of burn injuries, including reports of the glove melting and burning consumers' skin. Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled oven mitts, destroy them and contact Loot Crate to receive a replacement product of equal or greater value."

The creator of Mad Titan Thanos, Jim Starlin, shared the recall on his personal Facebook page and cautioned those who may have one of the mitts to "Save 'em as collectibles but don't use 'em around anything hot." The mitts may very well make for a cool collector's item now, considering the recall, but Starlin couldn't be more right about not using them to protect yourself against anything hot. Loot Crate has put out a statement on the recall through their website, and as mentioned, they are offering a replacement item to those interested.

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"Hello, Looters. Every month, we strive to bring you unique, interesting, and fun items based on your favorite pop culture franchises. However, more important than providing something cool is the personal safety of our subscribers. Recently, we received reports that some of the Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitts found in May's POWER-themed crate could not withstand certain levels of high temperature. An unexpected and unfortunate development for one of the most powerful items in the galaxy. Based on these reports, we believe it's possible some of the oven mitts sent in your Loot Crates may pose a safety hazard and are issuing a voluntary recall on all Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitts.

The recall is voluntary. Afterall, this is just an oven mitt we are talking about. For those who do want to return their Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt, Loot Crate is offering a T-shirt and a Simpsons keychain as a replacement. They weren't specific about what T-shirt they were going to be sending as a replacement, but the odds are it will probably be one of the many extra exclusive shirts that they have laying around their warehouse from previous months crates. In any case, a shirt and Simpsons keychain seems like a reasonably fair offer for an oven mitt. Unless you're one of the ones who was burned by the product, that is.

Loot Crate started in 2012 and has absolutely exploded in popularity since. For a little less than $20 a month, subscribers get a box full of exclusive stuff, such as the oven mitt that was just recalled. The company has hundreds of thousands of subscribers, so that is an awful lot of Thanos Infinity Gauntlets that made it out into the world. If you happen to be one of those people with a now merely decorative Infinity Gauntlet you wish to trade in, you can head on over to the Loot Crate website and fill out a simple form to get your replacement item.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott