The Infinity War hype is starting to get a bit ridiculous. There's now a fan-made trailer that switches the tables and turns Thanos into the hero in a Logan-style story. The Russo Brothers have said that Infinity War will be the Mad Titan's movie and that we'll learn about his backstory and how he came to be the threat that he is today. Many Marvel fans have been taken aback by the reveal, but it will definitely go a long way in making Avengers 3 as interesting as possible.

While the Russo Brothers have implied that audiences will see a side of Thanos that they've never seen and may even feel empathy for the villain, new fan-made material is taking that notion a bit further. Now, the Logan-style trailer gives us the view that the Infinity War directors have been teasing. Gamora and Thanos are the main stars of the new trailer that uses footage from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to tell the story set to the tune of Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt." The description for the video reads.

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"In the near future, a weary Thanos cares for an ailing Stan Lee in a hide out on the Space border. But Thanos' attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended when a young arrives, being pursued by mystery forces."

This isn't the first time that correlations between Infinity War and Logan have been made. When the second trailer for Avengers 3 was released, many noticed Gamora as a child grabbing on to Thanos' thumb in a tender moment. Fans took to social media to notice that the shot was similar to a Logan poster and then made a mock up, which the Russo Brothers approved of and liked on social media. It's more than likely where the idea for this fan-made trailer came from.

Infinity War is now about a month away, as of this writing, and the Russo Brothers have started to lift the veil just a little bit to tease Marvel fans about the movie. In addition to the reveal about Avengers 3 centering on Thanos, the directors have also revealed that The Defenders were also briefly considered for the movie but chose not to add them for obvious reasons. There's already way too many characters involved in Infinity War.

Infinity War is set to be the beginning of the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it. After the still untitled Avengers 4, we'll be treated to a new phase in the MCU with new characters taking over for some of the most legendary comic book heroes ever created. It's exciting time to be a fan of Marvel at the moment as they continue to blaze trails and balance all of these interconnected movies in a way that has never been done before on such a large scale. You can check out the Logan-style trailer and poster for the fictional Thanos movie below, courtesy of Darth Blender's YouTube account.