Even the most casual fan of Marvel is aware of Thanos at this point, and they know he is not messing around. The Mad Titan has made a very big impression with very little screen time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he has been a huge presence in the comics for decades. Marvel just released a new Thanos ongoing comic book series and they decided to start things off with a bang, because they dropped a massive reveal about the big, bad, evil, purple alien.

Be warned, if you want to read Thanos #1 and don't want anything spoiled, this is your last chance to turn away. Okay, so first we need to go over some context in order to explain this big reveal. In Thanos #1, the Mad Titan has returned to his home in the Black Quadrant, where one of his loyal standbys, Corvus Glaive has assumed his throne and taken control. You don't have to know who Corvus Glaive is, you just have to understand that Thanos isn't the type of guy to put up with that nonsense.

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Thanos dispels of the forces at Glaive's command and allows Glaive to kill himself, as a form of mercy. He isn't all bad. So now that Thanos is back in control, the attention shifts to his family, which is sort of troubled at best. His son Thane has actually been plotting to kill him and has been assembling a team to do so, which consists of Tryco Slatterus and Starfox (no, not that Star Fox). The biggest help comes from lady Death, who has some seriously useful information for Thane. His father Thanos is dying.

Yes. The Mad Titan, the most evil being in all of the Marvel Universe is dying. It wasn't revealed how this is happening or why it is happening as the reveal was made at the very end of the first issue of Thanos, but it is happening. Thanos actually has something of a complicated relationship with the character Death, as he was madly in love with her and was trying to destroy the universe in The Infinity Gauntlet storyline to impress her. Now she is giving his son information that can possibly help destroy him. Drama!

Thanos is currently being written by Jeff Lemire and features art from Mike Deodato. We'll have to see what they have planned next month, but after the big reveal, Marvel Comics fans will likely be dying to get their hands on the next issue. Thanos #1 is out now in comic shops and wherever digital comics are sold, if you want to get your hands on a copy, assuming you haven't already. Thanos will have a massive presence on the big screen in Marvel and Disney's impending sequel Avengers: Infinity War.

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