Could a That '70s Show reunion be on the horizon? It looks like that very well may be the case. Wilmer Valderrama, who plays everyone's favorite foreign exchange student, Fez, on the series, recently revealed that a That 70s Movie may be in the cards. Though, nothing is "official" just yet.

The actor was recently a guest on Steve Harvey's talk show. During the conversation, he was asked about some rumors of a reunion or revival of the beloved show, which have been floating around a bit, but there's been nothing solid. However, Wilmer Valderrama revealed that conversations have indeed been taking place for a possible That '70s Show movie. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"I don't know man. It's been interesting. We've been having some conversations about that but there's nothing official. I feel like the show is still so alive in syndication. We were so young. I was 18-years-old when I started that show and I was 26 when it ended. It was quite a run for us and it was a really exciting time for us and I feel like the show is still so fresh in syndication, I feel like it might be premature for us to even have that conversation. But I will definitely say that I wouldn't keep That '70s Movie out of the conversation."

Reviving popular shows has been something of a trend in Hollywood lately. Though, the trend has leaned more on bringing back new seasons of a show, as opposed to doing a movie. But, as Wilmer Valderrama tells it, That '70s Movie is what appears to be on the table. Most of the original cast from That '70s Show is pretty busy these days, so doing a revival series might be asking a lot. But why not get together to see what Eric, Donna, Fez and the rest of the gang are up to roughly a decade later? As Valderrama says, it seems pretty plausible to get everyone together for a couple of months to make that happen.

"Everyone seems pretty busy right now and I feel like this would be a pretty interesting segue to do something where all of us for a couple months can come together and play those characters again."

That '70s Show ran for 8 seasons, totaling 200 episodes, from 1998 to 2006 on Fox. The show ended right at the tail end of the '70s, so if That '70s Movie were to happen, it would be taking place in the late 80s or early 90s to make any bit of sense. That could be fun to play with, but the deal needs to be done first. IT sounds like an official announcement could be a ways off, but this is yet another revival would could be seeing in the relatively near future. You can check out the full interview clip, courtesy of the Steve TV Show YouTube channel, for yourself below.

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