The Good

The Bad

That’s My Mama - The Complete Second Season is a continuation of many of the themes from the first season that I reviewed for MovieWeb. Not that I mind this that much, I guess I just thought things might be a lot different. Certain characters have grown, like Earl and Junior, and part of the fun is seeing them adjust to their new roles in life. Clifton is still Clifton and Mama is still her domineering self.

I wonder if when they started this show, if they thought that the Mama character might develop a little bit more into a Fred Sanford or an Archie Bunker-type character? Sadly, with only 2 seasons to it’s credit we will never know. Still, I take a lot of joy in this sitcom because while it lasted, it certainly seemed to have some spark.


No extras came with this DVD. As this was the last season (there were only 2 for the whole run of this show), one might have thought they could have done some type of retrospective piece on That’s My Mama? I guess not.


1.33:1 Full Screen. These shows are wonderful timepieces of eras that are no longer with us. Yeah, I know that people probably watch a show like this and laugh at the way the characters dress and talk, but I am sure that 30 years from now, people are going to look at the TV shows from today and wonder how characters on those shows could have gotten away dressing how they dressed. Everything is relative and I am thankful that we have things like TV and DVD, to both record and reflect on who and what we are.


Dolby Digital. English. As I mentioned on the first season that I reviewed, the sound design isn’t anything that merits some amazing sound specs for your system. I was very impressed by the flow and acting style of this show. The actors seemed to really have a sense of their characters and their dialogue. So much so that they had the audience who was in the studio watching the show in the palm of their hands. These actors all played off of one another like only true professionals can.


The slim packaging that has been used for both seasons of this show is very smart on Sony’s part. While the covers for both the seasons are almost identical (both the cardboard cover that houses the plastic DVD covers, and the plastic DVD covers themselves), I really appreciate that the creators of this 2 disc DVD set decided not to make things big and bulky. I also love the lush colors that they have used for all the characters and the locations that surround them. That’s My Mama may have been forgotten by some, but DVD is giving it a chance to live on forever.

Final Word

How come the first season I reviewed has 26 episodes and That’s My Mama - The Complete Second Season, only has 13? I spoke about this a little bit in my review of this first season, but this doesn’t make sense to me. It’s as if this show was cut short for some reason. Who knows? Maybe viewership was down and the network just decided to cut it’s losses.

I really think that a show like this highlights how well the situation comedy formula can work. If you have good writers and strong actors you can really create something special, regardless of how long it lasts.

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