According to, the animated Rambo series from 1986 is set to hit DVD on June 14th from Lions Gate Home Entertainment!

Ruby-Spears Productions launched a Rambo animated series that started with a 5-part mini-series in April 1986, and continued in daily syndication with 60 more episodes starting in mid-September of that year. A huge line of toys and videogames were marketed based on this series. RELATED: Sylvester Stallone's Props from Rocky, Rambo & More Are Heading to Auction

Taking over the role of Rambo was Neil Ross, a veteran voice actor with credits to his name that included Voltron, Transformers, G.I. Joe and InHumanoids. Other veteran voice actors were also in the cast, including other Transformers alumni: Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, Michael Bell, and Alan Oppenheimer (the latter also known as "Dr. Rudy Wells" in the Bionic television shows). Also present was Star Trek's "Kang", Michael Ansara, and Fresh Prince's "Uncle Phillip", James Avery.

Now the classic animated series comes to DVD on June 14th, in two separate volumes that each contain 11 episodes. The list of episodes wasn't available yet, but Rambo - Volume 1: A World of Trouble and Rambo - Volume 2: Enter The Dragon will each contain approximately 300 minutes of show for just $14.98 SRP per release.

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