Kuwait-based Teshkeel Media Group today announced the newest member of THE 99, the Egyptian superhero Baqi, the Everlasting.

"The story of THE 99 begins in a great library," explained Dr. Naif Al- Mutawa, Founder and CEO of Teshkeel. "So I'm especially honored to be invited to speak at one of the great libraries of the modern world. Reading was the great pleasure of my childhood and the fantastic stories and wonderful literature that I discovered were one of the main influences on the creation of THE 99. A central message of our series is that knowledge is power and that there is no greater treasure in the world than learning. To be invited to share my own vision and knowledge in such a prestigious forum is truly one of the highlights of my career and my life."

Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, said, "When I first heard Naif speak, I realized that the story of THE 99 reflects our own mission at the Bibliotheca. The heroes of THE 99 are the modern 'Huras Al Hikma,' guardians of knowledge, and their goals are very much ours. Our team in Alexandria shares his vision of providing positive role models and strong social values for the children of the MENA region. THE 99 teach us that learning and understanding are always the best way to find a solution for any problem. The superheroes in Teshkeel's publications are a great way for us to reach children and their families with this vital message."

Added Al-Mutawa, "I'm especially delighted to have had the opportunity to introduce the new, Egyptian member of THE 99. Baqi (whose name means the Everlasting) is a true representation of the values and spirit of Egypt. His power of superhuman endurance reflects the timeless nature and enduring influence of the Egyptian culture. And like the Bibliotheca itself, he draws upon the strengths of his country and history to solve modern problems and make the world a better place."