The first trailer has been released for The ABCs of Death, which is currently searching for its final director. This horror anthology is comprised of 26 short films, which represent a death for each letter of the alphabet. Drafthouse Films is running a contest where amateur horror directors send in their short films, in hopes to land the 26th and final directorial slot. Click on the video player below to watch this trailer made up of some of the footage already sent in. Read on below the trailer for more information on The ABCs of Death.

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Viewers can vote on these horror shorts at Voting will remain open until October 31. You can also read a message from producers Tim League and Ant Timpson below.

To The ABCs of Death 26th Director Filmmakers,

When we approached Magnolia Pictures with the concept of a 26th Director competition being part of the The ABCs of Death feature film, they were excited as us. And yet the idea that a wild card filmmaker could end up with a short inside thefeature film still sounded risky to all of us to say the least!

However we'd like to make it official just how f**king ecstatic we are with the competition overall. The number of entries exceeded all expectations and so did the level of creativity and imagination on display. The talent shown in several submissions has been world class and foretells of a great future for horror cinema.

Since there can be only one eventual winner, we want to take a moment to acknowledge that a number of great submissions could have easily been included in the feature film.

Unfortunately though there can be only one, which will be revealed on November 15th, 2011.

And so to every individual who participated in whatever capacity in The ABCs of Death 26th Director competition...

We thank you from the bottom of our very bloody hearts.

Ant Timpson & Tim League

Producers of The ABCs of Death"