Director Shawn Levy has no time to sit around and celebrate the imminent release of his upcoming action comedy, Free Guy, as he is far too busy navigating his way through the time travel plot of The Adam Project. Reuniting with Free Guy star Ryan Reynolds, Levy has been comparing the sci-fi flick with some of his earlier work, comparing the movie to 2011 family adventure, Real Steel.

"It's actually more similar to Real Steel than it is to Free Guy. It's a sci-fi premise for a very emotional character story. Once again, exploring themes of fathers and sons."
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Unlike Free Guy, which looks to be leaning largely into both the action and the comedy, according to Levy, The Adam Project will get deep, asking some heavy, highly emotive questions. Though, there will still be lots of big explosions and cool sci-fi technology, of course.

"It's Ryan Reynolds coming back to enlist the help of his 12-year-old self and his father who he lost when he was young. So what if you could go back and tell your younger self you're going to be okay? What if you could go back and understand your mom or your dad from the age that you are now? Those are the really interesting questions that [The] Adam Project explores, but with time travel and some sick-ass tech and big action."

The Adam Project centers on the younger version of Reynolds' character, Adam Reed aged 13, as he continues to grieve the sudden death of his father a year earlier. One night, Adam walks into his garage to find a wounded pilot hiding there, a pilot who seems oddly familiar. This mysterious pilot, played by Free Guy star Ryan Reynolds, turns out to be the older version of himself from the future, where time travel is in its infancy. He has risked everything to come back in time on a secret mission and together they must embark on an adventure into the past to find their father, set things right, and save the world.

Alongside Ryan Reynolds and newcomer Walker Scobell, both of whom will play the two different versions of the title character, The Adam Project also features The Avengers star and Incredible Hulk, Mark Ruffalo, as Adam's physicist father, a man who holds great importance for the future, Guardians of the Galaxy star Zoe Saldana, who is set to play Reynolds' fighter pilot wife, Yes Day's Jennifer Garner, who will feature as the mother of Adam at age 13, and finally Being John Malkovich and The 40-Year-Old Virgin star Catherine Keener, with the Oscar-nominated actress reportedly playing the villain of the piece.

The movie is just one of several high-profile projects in the pipeline for Reynolds, including Netflix's big-budget action flick Red Notice alongside Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, and the video game-inspired Free Guy, directed by Shawn Levy. This comes to us courtesy of Ryan Reynolds' official Instagram account and Mark Ruffalo's official Twitter account.

The Adam Project has not yet set a release date, with filming beginning in November 2020 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Some reports have claimed that the movie will drop on Netflix sometime in late 2021, but this is far from confirmed at this time. Free Guy meanwhile is due for release on August 13, 2021. This comes to us from Slash Film.