An extended cut of The Addams Family is getting the 4K Ultra HD treatment this fall. Newly remastered and restored under the supervision of director Barry Sonnenfeld, The Addams Family will be presented in both the original theatrical version and a never-before-seen "More Mamushka!" version, which "expands the memorable dance number" with Addams siblings Gomez (Raul Julia) and Fester (Christopher Lloyd).

The Digital 4K Ultra HD, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc, and Blu-ray releases also include a brand-new featurette looking back at the making of the film that includes behind-the-scenes footage and a new interview with Sonnenfeld, as well as an introduction to the restored cut by Sonnenfeld and an archival featurette. Special features exclusive to the new release include the Introduction to the "More Mamushka!" version by director Barry Sonnenfeld and a Filmmaker Focus: Barry Sonnenfeld on The Addams Family featurette.

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Directed by Sonnenfeld, The Addams Family was written by Caroline Thompson and Larry Wilson. It is based on the original comic strip created by Charles Addams along with the subsequent TV series adaptation. There have been many incarnations of The Addams Family over the years on the big and small screens, but the 1991 movie remains a favorite for many fans. Based on the success of The Addams Family, a sequel was ordered with Addams Family Values releasing in 1993.

The official synopsis for The Addams Family reads: "When long-lost Uncle Fester (Christopher Lloyd) reappears after 25 years in the Bermuda Triangle, Gomez (Raul Julia) and Morticia (Anjelica Huston) plan a celebration to wake the dead. But Wednesday (Christina Ricci) barely has time to warm up her electric chair before Thing points out Fester's uncommonly 'normal' behavior. Could this Fester be a fake and part of an evil scheme to raid the Addams fortune?"

The Addams Family originally had a much longer dance scene in the famous Mamushka sequence, and this new 4K Ultra HD release will restore the movie the way Sonnenfeld had wanted it to be seen. Before the movie's release, the Mamushka scene had reportedly drawn negative reactions at test screenings, prompting the footage to be trimmed significantly. After its release, however, many fans actually felt that the scene really wasn't long enough.

"We are working on a reissue in 4K, the original Addams Family," Sonnfeld told last month. "We're putting back the entire 'mamushka.' There was the big song and dance number in the middle, written by Adolph Green and Marc Shaiman and Betty Comden. We had cut it in half and we're restoring the full-length version, so that's exciting."

Meanwhile, the franchise is still going strong all of these years later through separate incarnations. Based on the success of the animated reboot of The Addams Family released in 2019, an official sequel will be released this October. On the small screen, Tim Burton is also developing a live-action reboot focusing on an older Wednesday Addams as she uses her supernatural abilities to solve mysteries. Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday with Luis Guzman and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Gomez and Morticia.

The Addams Family will be released on 4K Ultra HD on October 19. This will be followed by a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and remastered Blu-ray release on November 9. This information comes to us from

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