Well, once again, JANE'S SOURCES have come through a full day before an official announcement was made... to read our earlier report, CLICK HERE

Movie Picture Garth over at {1}, has posted an announcement made on Austin360 by Tom Copeland (director of the Texas Film Commission) in which he states that the start date for Principle Photography will now be December 2nd.

Still no official word about the casting of Russell Crowe, but it's a pretty safe bet.

Bernie Mac: Making news again, is actor/comedian Bernie Mac, who will be taking on the remake of the Hepburn/Tracy classic Guess Who's Coming To Dinner...

The original was made in 1967 and directed by Stanley Kramer. It tells the tale of a white suburban family who is shocked when their daughter brings home a black man (played by Sidney Poitier) for dinner. The remake would reverse the plotline so that the daughter of Mac brings home a white guy.

Lil' Romeo: Following in the footsteps of another pint-sized rapper, Lil' Romeo will make his acting debut in Honey. In the film, which is set to star Jessica Alba, Romeo would play a streetwise kid from a bad neighborhood who is convinced by Honey to take her dance classes as an outlet. The kid turns out to be quite gifted... Lil' Romeo dancing? What will all of the big rappers say???

Johnny Depp: Depp must need money, because he's lined himself up for back to back Bruckheimer films. The first is Gore Verbinski's Pirates of the Caribbean. The next one hasn't been announced, but you can be sure we'll break the news to you when it hits.

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