Anthony Bregman is taking a crack at the mainstream with his latest production. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bregman's Likely Story banner has picked up the rights to J. Saunders Elmore's debut novel, The Amateur American.

Ross Katz, who is primarily a producer (In the Bedroom, Lost In Translation) will adapt the novel and direct as well. Elmore's novel centers on an American expatriate in France who gets drawn into a sinister world with his job as a translator for a power broker. The novel will be published next summer.

"The Amateur American is this generation's Three Days of the Condor -- a swift, smart, complex novel of a young man stumbling into a murky world of contemporary terrorism/counter-terrorism, where the mechanics of deception override the politics," said Bregman, who has produced such indie films as It could be the most commercial of his acclaimed films, which include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Savages.

No production schedule was announced.