The Amazing Spider-Man 2's The Daily Bugle viral website has posted a new story which features an interview with OsCorp's Donald Menken, portrayed by Colm Feore in the upcoming sequel. The spokesman discusses the company's new Electromagnetic Power Plant, which is scheduled to be operational on April 16. He also talks about how the company has changed since the incident with Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) from 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man. Check out the full report from the Bugle's Joy Mercado below.

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March 21, 2014

By Joy Mercado

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Oscorp Industries has weathered a bumpy year, but since the city fast-tracked their experimental energy facility, it has been smooth sailing. As the Oscorp Electromagnetic Power Plant nears completion, I sat down to discuss recent events with company spokesman Donald Menken.

Daily Bugle: How would you summarize the last few months?

Menken: Hectic, but exciting.

DB: Oscorp has faced several setbacks: contracts that went to other companies, harrowing ethics probes into the work of your scientists, and most importantly, Wall Street concerns about Norman Osborn's health.

Menken: Should I be taking notes or should I wait for you to ask me a question?

DB: Um, wow, okay, I guess my question is: how much of Oscorp's future success is riding on the successful completion of the power plant?

Menken: It's going to be incredibly rewarding, Joy, but our real reward comes in achieving great scientific advances - and in providing the people of this city the cleanest, most cost-effective energy in history.

DB: After the trouble with Dr. Connors, has Oscorp taken extra steps to monitor the people responsible for designing and building the plant?

Menken: The problems we had with Dr. Connors won't happen again. The Oscorp Electromagnetic Power Plant is the result of multiple departments within the company. Hundreds of dedicated employees are involved, not a single genius.

DB: So the plant is not, as sources indicate, based primarily on the designs of a single brilliant, if slightly eccentric, electrical engineer?

Menken: We are all links in the Oscorp chain, Joy, working together. Oscorp prides itself on functioning as a team, and that's the story to tell about the new power plant.

DB: When will the plant be fully operational?

Menken: Plans are for the plant to be up and running by April 16. And when that switch gets thrown, the city is going to get a night it will never forget.

This is the second time the Daily Bugle viral has mentioned the April 16 date, following a report from last week that revealed OsCorp was cleared of all criminal charges in the city's investigation of the Curt Connors incident. Do you think we may get new footage from that sequel on April 16? We'll have to wait and see.

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