While scenes had been shot that showcased Oscorp's Dr. Rajit Ratha's (Irrfan Khan) death at the hands of the Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man, they were shuffled off to the special features section of the Blu-ray and in no way considered part of the actual narrative. Some assumed that this gapping plot hole in the story meant Ratha might be back in the sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in theaters this summer. Now, though, The Daily Bugle viral Tumblr has confirmed that the malicious doctor is quite dead. We can only guess what did him in. Read on for details.

Dr. Ratha Dead
Dr. Ratha 2
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November 15, 2013

By Dilbert Trilby

The New York City Coroner's Office yesterday positively identified a badly decomposed body found in the sewers beneath lower Manhattan as that of Dr. Rajit Ratha, 46, formerly of Oscorp Industries. A resident of New York City, Ratha was born on March 13, 1967 in Jaipur, India. Ratha was the Director of Business Development in the Biogenetic Division of Oscorp in Manhattan.