The Amazing Spider-Man 2's Daily Bugle viral website has posted one of its readers' Spider-Man sightings in New York. While there doesn't seem to be any clues for the upcoming sequel, check out what Ian C. from Sunnyside had to say about his encounter with the webbed wonder, while he was training for a marathon.

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November 24, 2013

We asked for Spider-Man sightings, and our readers delivered! Several hundred emails later, we've culled the best of the best. Spidey's here to stay, and it sounds like he's got a New York attitude.

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Ian C., Sunnyside

"I was training for the marathon on Queens Boulevard. Usual route, but then Spider-Man swung by on the 7-line el track and he started talking to me! I didn't know what to do except run, but Spider-Man kept pace, slinging back and forth, twirling. He was pushing me! Telling me to keep up with him. I stayed with him for a few blocks, but he waved and disappeared around 40th Street. The guy is fast, man, like, sub-four-minute-mile! He got me to run my personal best. So, Spider-Man, if you want to pace me from above during the marathon, just do it."

Was Spider-Man schmoozing with a starlet in Soho? Catch him swinging towards the scene of crime? Find any webs lying around? You see it, you tell us! Submit here using #SpideySighting! Please limit submissions to less than 150 words.