The Amazing Spider-Man 2's Daily Bugle viral website has posted a new story that features a crossover between a fictional character and an actual real world event. The story describes how Dane DeHaan's Harry Osborn was spotted at the closing ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, which happened just last week in Russia. It seems this viral site is setting up a timeline leading up to the events of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, since this latest story ponders when this heir to the OsCorp empire will be coming home to New York City. Of course, we know he comes home in the movie, thanks to the trailers and other footage, but it's interesting that they mention the Olympics in chronicling Harry's travels. Take a look at the full story from Daily Bugle Entertainment Editor Chelsea Goodrich.

The Amazing Spider-Man Daily Bugle Photo 1
The Amazing Spider-Man Daily Bugle Photo 2

February 26, 2014

By Chelsea Goodrich, Entertainment Editor

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Not content to just show off his latest sports car, young billionaire and future misanthrope, Harry Osborn was seen arm in arm with supermodel Valencia Vitaly at the closing ceremonies in Sochi. Osborn had reporters scrambling for an interview, but all questions went unanswered as he disappeared soon after the ceremony ended.

Harry's Russian sojourn is just the latest in a long European adventure that's included skydiving in Monaco, week long parties in Seville and impromptu street races in the narrow streets of Prague. Suffice it to say, Harry seems intent on spending his trust fund as fast and as dangerously as possible.

Rumor has it people inside Oscorp want Harry to stay as far away as possible, but as the health of his father is still uncertain, the rest of the world wants to know: what will it take to bring him home?

This story also references an article from December that speculated about the health of Harry's father Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper). This is also the first we're hearing about "supermodel" Valencia Vitaly, and it isn't known if this character will be appearing in director Marc Webb's sequel.