The Amazing Spider-Man is currently in production in New York City, and one of its stars recently gave an intriguing hint about the ending. Denis Leary, who portrays police captain George Stacy, the father of Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy, was asked about set photos of Emma Stone at a funeral in December. Those photos lead to speculation that George Stacy dies in the movie. Here's what Denis Leary had to say about the photos at the Tribeca Film Festival over the weekend.

"I'm not allowed to say anything about the ending of Spider-Man - or the ending of Rescue Me. It's verboten! I can't tell you!"
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It seems that funeral scene, which appeared to be a police funeral, may take place at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man, and could in fact be the funeral of George Stacy. In the comic books, George Stacy was killed in a battle with Doctor Octopus, although that character has not been confirmed to appear in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Denis Leary also talked about his preparation to portray his first comic book character.

"I just really spent a lot of time with the director and I got some information from Stan Lee and the guys at Marvel. It's the first time I got to play a comic book guy."

Rescue Me, the FX TV series that Denis Leary co-created, is entering its seventh and final season, which will premiere this summer.