In anticipation of The Amazing Spider-Man seven-minute sneak preview coming to London this February, a new international poster has been released, touting the "Untold Story" of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield). Check it out below.

<strong><em>The Amazing Spider-Man</em></strong> International Poster

More info has come out of The Amazing Spider-Man Q&A sessions currently touring the globe. Andrew Garfield had this to say about his character, and taking over for Tobey Maguire.

"I have tried to explore Peter Parker as an orphan. Orphans, I feel, are the strongest human beings on the planet. The amount of things they have to deal with in their lives, is amazing. I have tried to capture how Peter copes with the feelings of being an underdog, his confusions and his self-doubt . This, I hope, has brought, a certain empathy and sensitivity to his character that explains how it helps him become the hero that he eventually turns out to be.

... I love the work that Tobey Maguire did. I've watched him in the earlier three [Spider-Man] movies as a fan and I feel that what he did was perfect. I would never even begin to compare myself with him. And I feel it's not the point either. This film is another chapter in the legacy of Spiderman and my responsibility was to remain true to the core of the character . I've tried to do it as best as I could."

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange