C. Thomas Howell just can't keep his mouth shut when it comes to The Amazing Spider-Man. Much to Sony's chagrin, the actor confirmed last month that the Lizard is, indeed, the villain of this upcoming Marvel reboot. Despite Sony being non-too-happy about this revelation, it hasn't stopped the Southland actor from jabbering away. Apparently he won't be back for the sequel, so what does he care? His scenes are already in the can.

The actor claims that Marc Webb has finished shooting in Los Angeles, and that the rest of the crew is now headed to New York.

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"I'm done. They're going to New York to film the rest. I'm a huge fan. It was an amazing experience, a great group. Sony was amazing and I was just proud to be a part of it."

C. Thomas Howell also talked about watching his scenes in 3D as soon as they were shot on set.

"Everything is twice the size of what you're used to. One of the exciting things about it was watching the replays with your glasses on and seeing it right after you shoot it in 3D so that was amazing. I was learning a lot, it was my first time."