Peter Parker's (Andrew Garfield) origin story is one that has been told in all mediums, and it was already done justice on the big screen in Sam Raimi's 2002 effort Spider-Man. So don't expect the same well-trod ground to be covered in this summer's reboot The Amazing Spider-Man.

Marc Webb, fearful of a bored audience, has revealed that the origins of Spider-Man will actually be spread out across multiple movies, and the mystery behind Peter Parker's parents isn't going to be easily resolved in this first outing.

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"I wanted to give the audience something new, so that started off with getting underneath the parents' story, which will unfold over probably a few movies. We don't totally wrap up that story in this first movie. It's sort of an ongoing mystery. That was something that was interesting to me."

While The Amazing Spider-Man will pay homage to the infamous spider bite that gave Peter his powers, and show us Uncle Ben's (Martin Sheen) death, the circumstances in which these important details to the Spidey mythos happen will be radically changed.

"This is probably a reveal, but there is no wrestling match in this movie. The character is evolving in a different way. It's about finding a balance between iconic elements of the 'Spider-Man' mythology-like how Uncle Ben's death transforms him emotionally-but it happens in a different way. He's bitten by a spider, but maybe it's not a radioactive spider. Or maybe it is! You'll have to see. There are elements that we were very conscious of, but it all emanated from [the idea of] this kid who got left behind by his parents many, many years before. I thought that was interesting enough for me to explore.""

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