Seeing that fans are quite anxious to learn more, and are actually happy about the inclusion of Peter Parker's birth parents Richard and Mary Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man, Sony Pictures is pushing their marketing more in that direction. Today, the official The Amazing Spider-Man website has been updated with profiles on both Richard and Mary (Campbell Scott; Embeth Davidtz) and Ben and May Parker (Martin Sheen; Sally Field). They have also updated the site with new wallpapers and avatars. Check out the latest images below. To visit the refurbished website: CLICK HERE

Richard and Mary Parker
"Beneath the Parkers' happy appearance lurks a dark secret that would eventually drive them from their life, their work, and their young son. Now that same secret threatens to destroy Peter Parker...And perhaps all of New York City."
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Ben and May Parker
"Peter Parker has been raised by his timelessly devoted aunt and uncle since he was a small boy. As Peter uncovers secrets about his past, distance grows between him and the only parents he's ever truly known."
Gwen and Peter Parker