Magic Stone Productions has released the first poster for The American Scream, the latest from Best Worst Movie director Michael Stephenson, which just premiered at Fantastic Fest. This documentary follows three Massachussets families who run their own homemade haunted houses every Halloween. Take a look at the one-sheet for this new film, debuting on the Chiller TV network Sunday, October 28.

The American Scream Poster

October 31 has always been the target for mischief, monsters and - above all - fun. But this dedication to Halloween mayhem isn't just carried out by costumed children and prank-crazed teens. From the suburbs to the cities, there's a tremendous world of devoted adults who spend the better part of each year transforming their homes into spine-tingling, heart-stopping Houses of Horror... or at least they give it their best shot. Beyond all the fog machines, plastic fangs, fake blood, coffins and cobwebs, there's a story about passionate die-hards who live to scare.