Producer Tony DeRosa-Grund is moving forward with an untitled project that expands the mythology behind The Amityville Horror.

The original 1979 thriller is based on an actual house in the Long Island neighborhood of Amityville, where Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered six family members in 1974. One year later, George Lutz and his family moved into the house, where they encountered horrific, paranormal events that forced them to move out just 28 days later. This new project will be based on the experiences of Laura DiDio and Marvin Scott, two journalists who investigated the bizarre incidents for WNEW-TV in New York.

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Tony DeRosa-Grund and his Evergreen Media Group acquired the rights to the reporters' account of a seance that took place in the house on March 6, 1976. The news report supposedly revealed the presence of supernatural beings, including a young boy in the house. Here's what Laura DiDio had to say about the project.

"Marvin and I are thrilled to be working with Tony and Evergreen. I lived through this horrific ordeal, and I am the only person who has the ability to tell the true Amityville prequel story in its entirety. Even after all these years, after what I personally experienced, there is nothing anyone could ever do or say to get me back in that house."

The project doesn't have a writer or director attached yet, although the producer plans to shop it around to studios. Tony DeRosa-Grund is calling this a "found footage" project, since the original news report was thought to be lost after the TV station got rid of its archives. A new copy of the report was unearthed, along with additional footage from the reporters. The actual footage will not be used in the movie, only serving as a base for the story.