Shudder has released the official trailer for The Amusement Park, a long-lost movie directed by late horror legend George A. Romero. While most fans typically know Romero best for Night of the Living Dead and his subsequent zombie movies, not everyone is aware of The Amusement Park, which was made in the early 70s but withheld from a wide release until recently. You can watch the trailer below.

The little-seen movie will headline Shudder's Summer of Chills a line-up of new premieres hitting the horror streaming service every week. Some of the other titles on the way include Caveat, an eerie, slow-building, cat-and-mouse thriller; The Boy Behind the Door, from Justin Powell and David Charbonier making their directorial debut; and the SXSW favorite Jakob's Wife, starring horror icon Barbara Crampton as a housewife turned hungry vampire.

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"Shudder's 'Summer of Chills' offers something for everyone with a fantastic line-up of new premieres every week, on top of the best library of curated streaming horror films anywhere," said Shudder General Manager Craig Engler in a statement. "We're especially excited to have the premiere of legendary director George A. Romero's lost film The Amusement Park, a must-see piece of cinema history, exclusively on Shudder."

The synopsis for The Amusement Park reads: "Recently discovered and restored 46 years after its completion by the George A. Romero Foundation and produced by Suzanne Desrocher-Romero,The Amusement Park stars Martin's Lincoln Maazel as an elderly man who finds himself disoriented and increasingly isolated as the pains, tragedies and humiliations of aging in America are manifested through roller coasters and chaotic crowds.

Commissioned by the Lutheran Society, the film is perhaps Romero's wildest and most imaginative movie, an allegory about the nightmarish realities of growing older, and is an alluring snapshot of the filmmaker's early artistic capacity and style and would go on to inform his ensuing filmography. The 'lost' film was restored in 4k by IndieCollect in New York City."

Previously, Romero's wife Suzanne Desrocher-Romero said of the movie in a statement: "The first and only work-for-hire in Romero's career sheds a new perspective on an ongoing issue of ageism and Romero's uncanny sense of reflection on society, and the Romero 'footprint' is ever-present and bodes well for the future of his impact on American cinema. We are thankful to Yellow Veil Pictures who helped forge a path for us to find the most perfect custodian for this piece. Shudder understands that this film adds an important element to the Romero oeuvre. We are grateful."

Suzanne added: "A lot of people are like, 'Oh, my God, I can't wait to see it.' And I go, 'It's not a zombie movie now, remember.' And what's also terrific is that you see his footprint. You see how he shoots and the story. It's a unique find. I'm so happy I have it."

The Amusement Park will begin streaming on Tuesday, June 8, exclusively on Shudder. The streamer's "Summer of Chills" will first kick off with the Shudder Original movie Caveat premiering on June 3. This news comes to us courtesy of Shudder.