It has been promised for ages, but it took the overwhelming popularity of the adult-loved, kid-friendly Yo Gabba Gabba! to finally see renowned superhero ska-rock band The Aquabats get their own TV show.

The Hub, a new family friendly cable channel, has ordered 13 episodes of this rollicking, rocking adventure show which will pit the Orange County favorites against some of their most beloved foes, including the Sand Fleas, Powdered Milk Man, and the Floating Eye of Death. The band hails from the distant island of Aquabania. After their home was attacked by the villainous Space Monster M, the group washed upon the shores of Southern California, where they were taken in by Professor Monty Corndog and given super powers, which they channel through their music in hopes of taking over the world by gathering a legion of fans.

The series will be produced through The Magic Store, which is behind Yo Gabba Gabba!. no_perso|The Aquabats frontman Christian Jacobs, who runs The Magic Store with Scott Schultz and Jon Berrett, will also star in the series as The MC Bat Commander. Other members of the The Aquabats team include Crash McLarson (Chad Larson), Jimmy the Robot (James Briggs), Ricky Fitness (Ricky Falomir) and Eagle "Bones" Falconhawk (Ian Fowles).

The Magic Store produced a 20-minute pilot titled The Aquabats Super Show! in 2008 that was never picked up for a series order. This new series will share some of the same elements as that now-infamous short.