If you've ever wanted to come up with the dirtiest jokes, too late - it's already been done. But that's not stopping you from adding on to one of the most legendary story in the comedy world - The Aristocrats!

Take the premise: "A family walks into a talent agency and says they have the greatest act" - and go from there! But don't forget the punchline; when you're all done with adding beastiality, incest, lude sex acts, whatever you can think of - you've got to end it properly: "So the talent agent says to them, 'what do you call this act?' 'The Aristocrats!" And that's it!

That's exactly what Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller) and stand up comic Paul Provenza did - they asked over 100 of their comedy friends to tell the joke for a movie. Yep, 89 minutes of pure filth - but funny filth!

Each comedian tells it their own way, some of them don't tell it at all, some go into extreme detail, some are just so surprised by what they said, they can't continue cause they're laughing too hard.

One of the highlights for me was one segment in particular - Gilbert Gottfried at the Friars Roast of Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner, which took place about two weeks after the September 11th, 2001 tragedy. After several attempts at bad jokes, Gilbert decided he would start telling The Aristocrats joke - to his amazment, the place went nuts; Rob Schneider could hardly control himself, falling off his chair several times in laughter.

It's things like this that make this film so funny - because when other comedians are laughing, you know you've done your job.

For some, like Bob Saget - he couldn't even stop laughing when he was telling his own tale of the joke. And yes, he is very dirty and obscene!

The film is not rated, for obvious reasons, but I'll repeat something that Penn said about why people should go see this film:

"They should go see this movie if they really want. We’ve got a hundred guys in the back room, we’re all telling dirty jokes and we’re all laughing. If you wanna come by, come on by, we’re all having a blast. If you have ever, in your life, been offended by a word, not a context, not an idea, not a feeling, not a motive, but just a word sitting in front of you, if that word has been said and you’ve been offended, don’t come see this movie – you have zero chance of getting it and if you don’t get it, we sure can’t explain it to you in 87 minutes."

Plain and simple, he says it best! Go see this movie cause everyone needs a good laugh!

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