Yesterday Marvel Studios released the first full trailer for The Avengers, which is the first movie to be released by Walt Disney Studios under the deal between Marvel Studios, Disney, and Paramount Pictures. Curiously, Disney's logo was nowhere to be seen on the trailer, and any of the other marketing materials for The Avengers so far, which is due to a unique clause Paramount put in the contract giving the studio prominent marketing placement.

The deal, signed nearly a year ago, gave Disney theatrical distribution rights and marketing rights to The Avengers, although it is said Disney wants the Marvel logo to be featured instead of their own logo. So, even though Paramount Pictures isn't marketing or distributing The Avengers in any way, their logo will still be featured on the trailers and posters leading up to the May 4, 2012 release. While Disney will be reaping the benefits of The Avengers, many may think it is actually Paramount distributing the superhero adventure.

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Paramount received $115 million for the transfer of worldwide distribution and marketing rights for The Avengers and Iron Man 3 as a minimum guarantee. Paramount actually will receive 9% of the theatrical gross receipts for both The Avengers and Iron Man 3, so it will likely earn much more than that initial figure if both movies are successful. Paramount also owns the pay TV rights to The Avengers through its Epix brand.