On Wednesday, it was /the-avengers-samuel-l-jackson-screenplay-leaked-and-for-sale/reported that someone had stolen Samuel L. Jackson's shooting script for The Avengers, and that they were trying to sell it to various movie websites and bloggers for a profit (none of which took the bait}.

Word from those close to the Albuquerque, New Mexico set have confirmed today that this script leak has caused the huge production to temporarily shut down while the script pages, many of which showed up in photos on the internet, are rewritten. There are other reasons for this indefinite halt in production, but those particular reasons weren't offered at this time.

The pages that made it onto the Internet detailed a scene where Hulk transforms in front of Black Widow while Iron Man and Captain America run around a large boiler room. These scenes will now be altered.

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The theft of Samuel L. Jackson's shooting script did not occur in Albuquerque, but it was instead swiped while the actor was last in Burbank, California. There is no word yet on when filming of The Avengers will resume.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange