Marvel Studios is becoming known for its effective cost cutting measures, but concerns rose recently when it was /the-avengers-facing-financial-troubles/discovered that The Avengers had been strapped with a budget lower than that used to bring Spider-Man 2 to the big screen. People had reportedly walked off set, putting the pre-production process on hold. In an effort to save money and get the movie back on track, Marvel is reportedly bringing the New York City based project to Los Angeles.

Bleeding Cool reports that director Joss Whedon was originally set to shoot most of the East Coast-based Avengers in Manhattan. But now, the time spent in New York is going to be reduced considerably to mostly exterior establishing shots, with the vast majority of principle photography taking place on sound stages in and around Southern California.

The move will not only cheapen the cost of having to shot on location in New York, it will also sufficiently reduce the cost of having to transport and house the A list talent The Avengers has amassed, as most of the actors reside in the Los Angeles area. A great deal of the outside action that takes place in the movie will now either be moved in-doors or take place in front of a green screen.

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The decision to turn The Avengers into "The West Coast Avengers" (figuratively speaking), will certainly save the production money, but it now puts the New York crews, who passed over other projects to work on this, out of work.

The Avengers is set to start production in February.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange