Samuel L. Jackson may be in trouble today. He's at least getting ribbed quite extensively on the set of his currently in-production superhero ensemble epic The Avengers, as it seems he's lost his personal copy of the screenplay. Those who found it are trying to profit off the loss by offering various internet outlets and bloggers the chance to buy it.

No one has ponied up the cash just yet, and as news of this illegal sales opportunity spreads, it's sure to mean trouble for whoever finds it in his or her possession next. The script draft is from April 8th of this year, with the title Group Hug (the production title of the movie). The script is 129 pages long, and water marked with both Samuel L. Jackson's name and the Marvel seal of approval.

Obssessed with Film, who received the offer, was also given pages of the script which you can see below. If you read closely, you can see a scene being described where Captain America and Iron Man are running around an engine room while Banner transforms into the Hulk.

The Avengers: Samuel L. Jackson Script Pages#1
The Avengers: Samuel L. Jackson Script Pages#1
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange