Fans everywhere can relax, Sienna Miller will have black hair when she plays the Baroness in G.I. Joe. Talking to Access Hollywood at the Independent Spirit Awards, Miller confirmed that the character would have the familiar jet-black hair.

"I have a black wig and guns and all leather and it's all fantastic," the actress enthused about her role.

G.I. Joe stars Ray Parks (Snake-Eyes), Sienna Miller (The Baroness), Rachel Nichols (Scarlett), Said Taghmaoui (Breaker), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Heavy Duty), Marlon Waynes (Ripcord), Channing Tatum (Duke), Dennis Quiad (Hawk), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Cobra Commander), Arnold Vosloo (Zartan), Karolina Isela Kurkov (Cover Girl) and Christopher Eccleston (Destro). The film is scheduled for an August 7, 2009 release.