Andy Serkis has hinted that The Batman will have a darker tone than previous installments in the franchise. Serkis is portraying Alfred Pennyworth in the highly anticipated movie. Matt Reeves was able to start production on The Batman earlier this year, but had to abruptly stop due to the world's current state of affairs. "I was literally half way through shooting my part in it when we got shut down. So it will be interesting to see when that resurfaces how it has been affected by it [lockdown]," said Serkis. "But it is, it's going to be a beautiful film."

In a new interview, actor, director, and motion capture maestro Andy Serkis spoke about what DC fans can expect when they see Robert Pattinson in the iconic Batsuit. When asked if The Batman will be a "darker, broodier" entry, Andy Serkis said, "I would say that's not far from the truth." The actor did not go into further details when discussing the tone of the project, but dark and brooding pretty much sums up the Caped Crusader, though it will be hard to get darker than what Christopher Nolan pulled off with the Dark Knight trilogy.

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Andy Serkis also hinted that The Batman will focus on the relationship between Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth. "It's very much about the emotional connection between Alfred and Bruce," Serkis said. "That's really at the center of it. And it is a really exquisite script that Matt has written." The Alfred character has been played by a number of actors over the years, including Jeremy Irons, Michael Gough, and Michael Caine. Serkis will very much be doing his own thing in the upcoming movie when taking on the character, even though he loves what Caine did with the role. He explains.

"He [Michael Caine] was fantastic. His Alfred was legendary, I couldn't even begin to go there, really. You find it for yourself. It's like playing these iconic roles in Shakespeare, you go back, you revisit them and you have to make it your own, and see what it is about the character that connects with you and your personal Venn diagram."

With production on The Batman shut down, Andy Serkis has more time to work on Venom 2, which he directed. Current events pushed the sequel back until 2021, so Serkis has an abundance of extra time at the moment to make sure the project comes out just how he wants it. We have yet to see any official footage from the movie, but a lot of people are hoping that it will be a lot darker than the first installment.

The Batman will now open in theaters on October 1st, 2021, down from June 25th, 2021. Venom 2 has moved into the June 25th date for the time being. A lot can change between now and then, but Hollywood productions should hopefully be able to start up here in the next few months, as long as everything goes well. The interview with Andy Serkis was originally conducted by LADbible. The Batman topper art comes from John K Regan on Instargram and Alfred is from BossLogic.